6 Safe Driving Habits To Adopt In 2021

January 11th, 2021

photo of a safe driver wearing a seatbelt

Become A Safer Driver In 2021

The start of every year comes with new resolutions and habits you want to embrace. In addition to your personal and professional goals for 2021, you should consider adopting safer driving habits. Driving is typically a daily activity that you don’t think twice about — until there’s a problem. In the spirit of the new year, start being more mindful about your driving.

Here are six safe driving habits to adopt this year:

  1. Pay attention to your check engine light. Are you one of the many people who leave their check engine light on for months? It’s time to change this habit. When this light goes on, that means it’s time to bring your car to your local mechanic. The sooner the mechanic identifies and fixes the problem, the safer your car will be.
  2. Schedule routine maintenance. Whether your car’s internal computer reminds you or it’s the sticker on the windshield, routine oil changes and fluid checks help your car last longer and keep you safer on the road. Some other things to check include your car’s tire pressure and lights.
  3. Leave distance between cars. When you’re driving behind another vehicle, you should leave at least 3 seconds or a couple of car lengths of space between you and the car in front of you. This amount of space gives you more time to react when something unexpected happens. When it’s raining or the roads are icy, you should leave even more distance in case you need to stop suddenly.
  4. Wear a seatbelt. Every time you get in the car, you should buckle up — even if you’re only driving around the corner. It’s the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in the event of a car accident. Additionally, if you get pulled over, you can be ticketed for not wearing a seatbelt.
  5. Use your turn signals. Whether you’re making a turn or changing lanes, you should always use your turn signals to signify the move. Alerting other drivers of your next move helps to prevent sudden stops and accidents.
  6. Stay focusedAccording to the CDC, eight people are killed every day due to distracted driving. Some habits that are considered distracted driving include using your cell phone, eating or drinking, moving things around in the car, changing the radio station, or talking to another passenger. Staying alert and focused on the road while you’re driving can significantly reduce your chances of being involved in a distracted driving accident.

Seasonal Safe Driving Tips

You should practice safe driving all year long. However, the precautions you take may differ depending on the season. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers have put together tips for safe driving during the fall, winter, and summer.

– Fall Safe Driving Tips

– Winter Safe Driving Tips

– Summer Safe Driving Tips

Each season can affect driving differently. Whether there’s inclement weather, sun glares, or active school zones, when you’re aware of the seasonal safe driving tips, you’ll be better prepared and can make more informed driving decisions.

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