Workers Compensation and SSDI Claims

bensalem workers compensation attorneysIf you suffer an injury or illness and think it may be directly related to your work; you may qualify to file a Workers Compensation insurance claim.  This insurance exists to provide you with coverage for your medical costs as well as (partial) income replacement.  If you become completely disabled and are unable to work, you may also qualify for Social Security Disability Income or SSDI.

While some injuries occur on the jobsite during the workday (such as slipping and falling on a wet floor); others occur from repetitive motion or environmental conditions.  For example, the simple act of manipulating a computer mouse or typing for 20 years or longer can result in hand or arm injuries.  Inhaling certain chemicals for many years may result in lung or brain damage.  These injuries may qualify you for Workers Compensation and/or SSDI benefits.

Lastly, some injuries can result in two claims: Workers Compensation and a third-party personal injury action.  An example of this would be when someone is driving a work vehicle, on the clock, when they are hit by a negligent driver.  Since they were on the clock at the time of the crash, they may be entitled to Workers Compensation benefits.  However, since the crash was caused by a negligent third party, they also have a personal injury case.  Our attorneys are skilled at handling these cases and will walk you through this complex process.

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