Using Online Reviews to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

May 28th, 2021

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Choosing a personal injury lawyer can be stressful and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. A bit of research and knowing exactly what to look for are both keys to navigating this process. When searching lawyers online, you will undoubtedly come across many available to assist you immediately, but which one should you choose?

You should select a lawyer that has your best interests in mind and treats you like a family member rather than a client, like Flager & Associates. Simply looking at a law firm’s website is not enough, and this is where online reviews come in. Read on to learn what steps you should take when researching a law firm and its reviews online.

Using Online Reviews to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

Online reviews are an easily accessible and helpful tool you can use when vetting prospective lawyers. They are public comments made by previous clients of firms that interest you. However, online reviews can be tricky to figure out as some may be false statements written out of spite by competitors or even former employees.

Follow these steps to ensure the reviews you read are authentic and credible:

  • Research when the reviewer’s account was created since fake negative reviews are often posted on the same day.
  • Keep an eye out for positive and negative points, as credible reviews are generally honest about both.
  • Look for industry jargon that only professionals would know as these reviews were likely not written by clients.
  • Watch out for possible red flags such as profiles without photos, reviews in all caps, and reviews with excessive spelling and grammar mistakes.

Check the firm’s Google and Facebook reviews as well as testimonials and video testimonials to get a broad overview of previous clients’ experiences.

Fake negative reviews are a threat to any business and can seriously damage one’s reputation. When vetting a personal injury lawyer, approach online reviews with caution and seek out the most credible reviews listed before making your choice. Use the firm’s testimonials to your advantage as they provide in-depth information about previous clients’ experiences.

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Accidental injuries are inevitable. At Flager & Associates, we never take the easy way out. Our fully staffed office ensures that clients always have access to professional legal guidance rather than calling just to receive automated messages. Our associates will guide you through the process from beginning to end, leaving you with no questions unanswered and a mind at ease. Learn more about our clients’ experiences by reading our testimonials or watching our video testimonials. Additionally, we operate using a “contingency fee” arrangement, meaning we don’t charge our clients for services until they recover damages. This includes phone case evaluations, in-person meetings, and even court appearances. Insurance companies are well aware of our track record and understand that they’ll need to make higher offers to settle, resulting in the best possible settlement for you.

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